Monday, November 16, 2009

November '09 Newsletter


This month is the time to specifically remember those who fought and died for our country. Certainly, they should never be forgotten. But, it seems that our culture has collective amnesia - forgetting so many lessons of the past. This past year's economic recession reminded us of previous periods of hardship and sometimes prompted the comment that maybe we will act differently in the future. But, no. We're pretty much back to focusing on our immediate prosperity and comfort.

Recently, news shows have featured an "expert" talking about the likelihood of people being able to live indefinitely within the next 20 years. Someone has said that the first person to live 1000 years is probably already alive. This supposedly will occur because of genetic and technological breakthroughs, where little nano-bots will run around inside us, fixing what ails us. Nice idea - for the lucky few of us who live in the developed world. What about those who live now where a child dies every 6 seconds from hunger. Where a baby born today will not expect to see her 40th birthday. Where children do not attend school because they must carry water and gather firewood. It seems it is convenient to forget them.


The GlobalLight Projects team is grateful to Trinity Lutheran Church, London, ON and FaithLife Financial for their generous support. Together, they offered to match funds we raised, up to $500. Happily, we exceeded that goal during the specified period and recently, Heather Ellis on behalf of Trinity Lutheran Church presented their cheque to Thomas and Peter.

We would be delighted if you or your group also found a creative way or two to help make a difference for a whole village in Zambia. Contact us with your ideas, suggestions or questions.

Zambian-Canadian Dinner

In October, GlobalLight Projects was honoured to accept an invitation to the annual Independence Day dinner of the Zambian-Canadian Foundation. The theme of the evening was "Giving Back to the Motherland." Representatives of several organizations presented what they were attempting to achieve for the betterment of Zambia and its people. Although GlobalLight Projects has a global mandate, Thomas and his wife, Albina were born in Zambia and the first GlobalLight Projects installation will be in southern Zambia.

GlobalLight Projects was well received by those in attendance, and we made many new friends. It is inspiring to see what Canadians can do for others.

'Tis the Season

Still looking for the perfect gift? How about a gift to the children in Chona, Zambia? Unlike some, we don't have a catalogue where you can buy a goat or some chickens. But your donation of $25, $50 or $100 will purchase a needed part of the solar installation to light up a school and give the whole community a new resource. If you would like to make your donation in memory or in honour of someone, let us know and we will send an appropriate card. Don't get stressed out in a mall. Get the perfect gift right here!

Contact Us!

Don't hesitate to contact the GlobalLight Projects Team with your questions, comments, suggestions or to help arrange a demonstration of solar power and to talk about our vision and concept. Also, feel free to pass this newsletter on to someone who might be interested.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Your GlobalLight Projects Team

Marilyn, Wayde, Peter, Thomas & Doug

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