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Fall '13


Fall '13 Newsletter

The Globallight Projects team is pleased to announce that the school in Kayola, Zambia received a solar installation this year. Kayola is in the same general area as our previous installations, although more remote. It was a challenge to get there, crossing dry river beds, having to unload the truck to do so and carry all supplies in. But the community was excited and prepared, all went well and the lights are on! Thomas reports that this is our best installation yet, as we continue to learn as we go. Now GLP has helped three schools in Zambia with lights, 2 of which have a computer and projector.

Of course, none of this would have happened without a lot of support. The fund raising dinner in the spring hosted by the Social Justice Mission of Mary Immaculate Church as a great success, providing sufficient funds for this year's project. Royal View Church has provided the umbrella under which we work and to whom we are accountable for all funds.  Thanks again to all those who have supported GLP - you are making a difference!

We are working on plans for 2014,which we hope to announce soon. The school in Kayola needs a computer and projector to enhance educational opportunities. We also would like to provide more training for the teachers in how to get the best value from these new tools. If you can help us in either of these areas, that would be great!

The members of the GLP team serve as a labour of love and have been busy in a variety of other ways. It has been some time since we provided updates, so here goes:
  • Doug and Wayde together lead the Ark Aid Street Mission in London. 
  • Marilyn works for Elgin Business Resource Centre, presently as Acting General Manager and this year  earned her certification as a Professional Economic Developer through the University of Waterloo. 
  • Thomas has completed a program at Lambton College in alternate energy technology and has recently begun designing and installing solar arrays for a major company in London. He is also studying for a degree in adult education and digital technology in UOIT. 
  • Peter is busier than all the rest, with his great-grandson and many other adventures!
If you would like to help with GLP's 2014 project, please visit our donation page. If you would like to make a gift to GLP in someone's honour, please let us know and we will provide a card to inform them. Thanks!
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