Thursday, September 29, 2011

September '11 Newsletter

Two for Two! From August 22 to Sept 13, Thomas was in Zambia installing GlobalLight Projects' second solar installation, this time in the village of Kasaka. The equipment level was similar to what we put in last year in Chona village, with some refinements due to what we've learned. The people were so pleased and they also participated, carrying the expense and labour of chiseling the wire conduit into the stone walls. Everything went along well and this time Thomas was able to finish in good time and do some scouting for a future installation.

In the picture, Thomas is enjoying the view and his work with the solar collectors.

Thomas also carried with him two video projectors, one for each school and a laptop computer for Kasaka so that the electricity can be used to benefit the children's

education. A good number of videos and DVDs also went along. Think for a minute what your view of the world would be like if you never saw a National Geographic film. Well, now those kids can learn about our world in a way they never even dreamed of before. In this picture, Thomas is setting up the projector and computer.

All this was possible because of the generous support of so many friends. To all those who gave, Thank you! Every gift, no matter the size was important and we appreciate everyone who trusted us to do what we said. Every dollar given went directly to the project. We especially want to acknowledge several special partners who made particularly notable contributions: Mary Immaculate Catholic Church whose support put us over the top to make this project possible; Royal View Church for adopting us and donating, too; Lambton College where Thomas is a student for donating the laptop and a projector, Matantala for once again facilitating the work in Zambia, and Thomas' family in Zambia who gave selflessly to make up what we lacked.

So now we are back to the beginning. Our bank account is empty and we're starting over again to raise funds and develop partners so that we can once again use simple technology to improve the lives of people in the developing world. We'll keep you informed as the plans come together. Of course, we welcome your continuing support (a solar system in Africa makes a great Christmas present, don't you think, for those who have 'everything').

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