Sunday, June 20, 2010

June ‘10 Newsletter
First Project To Be Installed in August
GlobalLight Projects team is pleased to announce that later this summer, the first phase of the installation of solar energy in the school in Chona, Zambia will occur. One and a half years ago, GlobalLight Projects was formed with the vision of using simple technologies to assist people in the developing world. The site of the initial project was then determined to be in Chona, the rural village where Thomas, one of the GlobalLIght Projects team was raised. The population of the Chona area is about 12,000, located several kilometres off the electrical grid. Life there remains mostly as it was in the time of Thomas’ grandfather - no running water, no modern facilities, children unable to compete in national exams - because there is no electricity.

The choice of Chona had a couple of advantages. One is that the area and people are known to Thomas. Another is that a local Zambian development agency is active in the area, and in fact, recently re-built the school (but did not add electricity). GlobalLight Projects has forged a relationship with this agency and they are assisting us with some logistical issues. While we have been working toward this project, discussions have been held with several other potential partners for solar installations elsewhere. A lot of work has been taking place behind the scenes.

Fundraising has been on-going since our earliest days. Many people have contributed and we appreciate all those who provided the early encouragement that we could do this. For the past year, we have been working on a funding proposal with a partner that would provide the bulk of the funds for the project. This has taken longer than expected but we are optimistic. While we continue work on this proposal, we have decided to use the funds already raised to electrify part of the school.

The budget for the complete installation is $35,000. This summer we intend to install solar collectors and related equipment on one classroom for a cost of $10,000. This installation will form the basis of what will follow and will be integrated into the rest of the project. The GlobalLight Projects team has decided to do this in order to be fair to those who gave the first funds toward the project and to gain experience and lay the groundwork for the larger installation to come.

Thomas will fly to Zambia on August 19 for 3 weeks in order to complete the first phase. Funds on hand will be used, but we do need about $3000 more. We are letting our friends know of the exciting development of our first project and to provide an opportunity to be part of it. If you would like to help us provide electricity for the first time in a rural African village, please use the enclosed envelope to return your cheque (made out to Royal View Church - designated to GlobalLIght Projects. or use your credit card from our website, All gifts are tax deductible.

There are so many worthy causes. Just now, with the G8 and G20 meetings, the world is focused on global challenges. It is so easy to overlook those who are left behind. We have challenges but they have poverty and early death. Some  well- meaning folks are protesting the meetings, but we choose to change the world. Chona will never be the same again, not because of a billion dollar meeting but because a few friends and supporters decided to do what they could.

Thank you for your help and encouragement to get us this far.

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Your GlobalLIght Projects Team
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