Friday, July 15, 2011

July '11 Newsletter

In just over a month, Thomas will be returning to Zambia for this year's project. As we announced in the last newsletter, the purposes of this year's trip are to (1) install additional equipment at the Chona site, (2) provide training to the teachers in how to use the computers that we donated to enhance the students' educational experience and (3) to lay the groundwork for another installation.

We still intend to do all those things, but in consultation with Matantala, our Zambian development partner, the opportunity has presented itself to do a new installation in another village. Kasaka Basic School is near Chona in the Southern province of Zambia. The school has recently been refurbished by Matantala, but the village is well off the electrical grid. It would be great to provide the finishing touch by providing solar power. What a difference that makes!

To do this installation is quite a stretch from our original plans and we need additional funds to do it properly. Realistically, we need $3000 more than we presently have on hand. We are letting our friends know of the need, but more importantly, the opportunity to invest in the future of an African village that sadly, until now, most of the world has passed by.

It will be a full trip. We intend to install a video projector in Chona and provide educational videos to enhance the learning environment. Image what it will be like and the educational advantage it will give to see some of the great documentaries of our world that we all simply take for granted! And, as we noted previously, Thomas will be scouting out Mwanangonze village, west of Monze (the main town near Chona) for the purpose of a future installation in cooperation with our good friend Mabby Mwanangonze (Mabby will be raising funds for this project, so if some of the fundraising takes place near you, be sure to get involved).

We are so grateful to all those who have helped GlobalLight Projects get this far. But there is so much more to do. If you can help with this summer's project, we can assure you that all your funds will go directly to the Kasaka installation and change the future of an Zambian village. Funds need to be here by August 12 so that Thomas can take them with him.
Gifts may be made online or by mailing a cheque made out to Royal View Church with the notation GlobalLight Projects to Wayde Foss, 4 McManus Pl., London, ON N5V 4X2. Donations over $10 will receive a tax deductible receipt. Thank you!

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