Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 09 Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't image why it took until Pilgrims sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and managed to 
survive in a strange continent before someone thought of setting apart a day of thanksgiving! I guess they realized that they made it that far with the help of a good deal of Providence. Counting blessings is always a good thing to do. And, since in Canada we have so many blessings, sharing them is even better!

In the News

GlobalLight Pr
ojects is profiled in a recent article in The Times of Zambia. The article was written by CHASAYA SICHILIMA, who lives in London, Ontario and is the president of the Zambian Canadian Foundation. The article profiles several agencies in Canada that are dedicated to helping the people of Zambia. As a new organization whose first project is set for a village in southern Zambia, we are pleased to receive such notice. Now, we can't disappoint the people of Zambia!

Read the article.

New Blog

GlobalLight Projects now has its own blog. It gives us another communication channel and allows us to publish material that does not suit the website itself. To kick-off our blog, you can find the first edition of The Wire that was mailed last month to a number of our supporters. It features an interview with Thomas Chona about what it was and is like to live in southern Zambia.

If you did not receive the newsletter in the mail, it was because either you requested to be contacted online only o
r we did not have your mailing address. So, if you received the newsletter in the mail or not, check out the blog, and don't forget to post a comment.

You can access the GlobalLight Projects blog here.

You can update your contact info here

A Different Kind of Giving

As you soon get down to serious Christmas shopping, why not give a gift to bless not only your loved one, but a whole community. Recently I was speaking with a grandmother with 10 grandchildren. She said she did not know what to get them, that they had most everything they needed and she couldn't afford much. So, she thought she would get them a gift card that said she had made a donation in their name to a favourite charity.

Each year it seems we bemoan the materialism of modern Christmas and then plunge right into it! A charitable donation, along with a meaningful discussion of the importance of helping others, is really a life-long gift.  So, why not pick a favourite cause or two, and have a different kind of Christmas. If your favourite cause is GlobalLight Projects, that would be OK with us!

Donate now to GlobalLight Projects

Contact Us!

Don't hesitate to contact the GlobalLight Projects Team with your questions, comments, suggestions or to help arrange a demonstration of solar power and to talk about our vision and concept. Also, feel free to pass this newsletter on to someone who might be interested.

"If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough."
~ Meister Eckhardt

Your GlobalLight Projects Team

Marilyn, Wayde, Peter, Thomas & Doug

Let There Be Light!

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