Monday, August 2, 2010

August '10 Newsletter

Things are about to change for these students. In less than a month, for the first time, part of their school will have electricity.

The village of Chona, in southern Zambia is some 30 km off the electrical grid. So, these kids still carry water and firewood. The water is likely contaminated because it comes from shallow wells or surface streams. Water borne diseases are the number one health risk, and they take a terrible toll. Cooking fires fueled by wood cause de-forestation, thus altering the climate and agricultural productivity. They also  present the risk of children being burned. Children, usually girls do this manual labour, thus being denied an education. Yet there is a direct link between a mother's education and the health and welfare of her family.

We do not accept these risks for ourselves, yet occasionally we have been asked why we want to bring affordable, renewable electricity to the developing world. The answer: we understand these risks, know there is something that can be done and we are determined to do it!

GlobalLight Projects team member, Thomas is flying to Zambia on August 19 to install the first phase of the Chona project. Our local development partner, Matanala is already preparing the scene. In fact, they have begun to re-furbish the teachers' houses in the expectation that the school will attract more teachers and that someday we will be able to electrify the teachers' homes as well.

We want to thank all those who have helped us get this far. For all those who have donated funds, be assured that all gifts are being spent on the project. The GlobalLight Projects team members have provided for all the fund-raising and administrative costs. The budget for this summer's project is $10,000. Most of that is on hand, but we could use a bit more help.

Please consider helping us over the top with a tax-deductible gift within the next few days. Credit card or debit card donations can be made at CanadaHelps. In order for funds to reach us in time, donations should be made by Saturday, August 7. Thanks!

Watch for our next newsletter, with updates from Thomas in Zambia.

If you have  a question or comment Contact us.

If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?
~ John, the Apostle

Your GlobalLIght Projects Team
Thomas, Wayde, Peter, Marilyn & Doug

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