Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas 2012 Newsletter
It was a good year for Globallight Projects! Thomas made two trips to Zambia, in June and August. On the first trip, he traveled with with 3 members of SIFE from Lambton College, where he graduated this summer with a diploma in Alternative Energy Engineering Technology. A major purpose of the trip was to introduce these representatives, a teacher and two students, to the needs and opportunities for them to bring their skills and resources to southern Zambia. The local communities received them very well and we are pleased to say that new partnerships are being formed that will be of benefit to Lambton College and to the people of Zambia.
Some pics from 2012 trip - notice the panels & batteries
On both trips, the recent installations were improved. Thomas upgraded some equipment in Chona and extended the installation to another building in Kasaka. We are very pleased that both systems are working well. The folks in Kasaka have been especially creative, providing movie nights with the videos that we provided. A small admission is charged and the money is saved up to purchase a TV so that the life of the projector Globallight Projects provided will be extended. The videos are educational, such as National Geographic, so adults and children are learning together some of the wonders of our world while working together to improve their own community. That is what we hoped would happen: give folks a hand up and they will take it from there!
Since the summer, we have been working on plans for next year. There are a couple of possibilities, but these things always need some nurturing. We are also exploring more partnerships. There is just too much to be done to do it alone! Globallight Projects values working together with others of like mind and now that we have a track-record of successful installations, we bring proven skill and experience to potential partners. We look forward to being able to announce results of this ‘behind the scenes’ work.
One thing we do know, is that we intend to send Thomas to Zambia in 2013. We are committed to carrying out at least one project each year. We are very pleased and grateful that we have some funds already on hand for 2013, primarily though the very kind and generous support of the Social Justice Committee of Mary Immaculate Church in London. They have proved themselves to be great partners and supporters in each of our projects. But, we still need substantial funds to do all we’d like next year.
So many trusted and helped us before we had proven we could fulfil our dream of making a difference for somebody in the developing world. Thank you! Now that we know a little bit of what we are doing, there is so much to do! We will be so grateful if you would consider investing in Globallight Projects this year. Some folks make a donation at Christmas in lieu of exchanging gifts. We can send you a special GLP card to announce your gift. Or, a donation in the first part of 2013 will help another community in southern Zambia have electricity in their school. As we always have, your gift will be used 100% for the overseas project - the GLP team pays all overhead expenses here. Donations can be made to Royal View Church and will receive a receipt for income tax purposed. Please visit our donation page for more information.
Thank you for your continuing interest in Globallight Projects. We continue to believe that today’s children deserve better prospects than their grandparents had. But that will only happen if we do something!
Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.
~ Robert Louis Stevenson
If you have  a question or comment Contact us.
Your GlobalLight Projects Team
Thomas, Wayde, Peter, Marilyn & Doug

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